mrp system

Fast Purchase Order and Work Order Generation

This feature allows you to generate purchase orders or work orders from sales orders without using manual data entry. Raw materials availability and inventory levels will be taken into account during this process.

Flexible Multi-level Bill of Materials

The bill of materials module allows you to define exactly how many parts, components, or materials are required to complete a product. Primarily, it's a manufacturing recipe and instructions about what to use, how long it will take, and how much it will cost in order to produce or assemble your product. The system is designed for companies that assemble finished goods and manufacture some or all of the components. It provides unlimited levels of material usage.

Easy to Create Production Schedule

Our production scheduling module gives you the confidence to commit to delivery dates for your customers by creating an accurate sales order progress report that coordinates all of your production resources, work centers, and materials. You can automatically schedule production orders based on preset production stages and intervals and assign the production schedule for each day for each phase of the production process.

Inventory control

An unlimited number of inventory items are allowed. The system can handle serialized inventory. It keeps track of serial numbers of items from the time they received into inventory, during the time they go through the production process, and until the time they shipped to customers. The system tracks the return of items from customers, as well as the return of these to vendors for repair or replacement.

Track Customers and Vendors

The system allows complete management of all customer information. You can store separate billing and shipping addresses and view the complete purchase history for each customer.

Create Multiple Invoices from the Same Order

You can enter multiple payments against any sales order and use any type of payment. The unpaid balance of invoices can also be displayed.

Track Your Expenses

The system completely manages your expenses and payments. The choice of organizing expense reports by expense category is available.

Easy Setup of Tax Schemas

A flexible taxing system allows you to tax items differently. You can set up as many tax codes as your business requires.

MRPManager Reports

The system comes with the following set of key reports:

  • Customer Payment Summary
  • Sales Order Summary
  • Sales Order Status Report
  • Sales Order Operational Report
  • Purchase Order Status Report
  • Purchase Order Summary
  • Inventory Movement Summary
  • Inventory By Location
  • Inventory Summary
  • Receiving Report
  • Shipment Report
  • Back Order Report
  • Bill Of Material
  • Work Center Dispatch List
  • Work Center Loads Report