mrp system

MRP Manager fits your business and saves you money

If you are a small to medium sized manufacturer, then MRP Manager is for you. The scope of application is truly tailored towards businesses like yours. It has all the power and functionality of huge, enterprise-level systems, but is also elegant in design and simple in operation. It's ideal for any manufacturer who has outgrown spreadsheets, but isn't ready for a budget busting (and bloating) system.

Bottom line: MRP Manager is a budget friendly, fully featured MRP System that will perfectly fit your small to medium sized manufacturing operation.

You'll save time and money by automating all processes and running leaner

You probably already know what MRP Software does. But let's go over it anyway - with MRP Manager you can automate every single step of your material requirements planning, resulting in a lean, JIT (Just In Time) focused operation. Let's give you an example:

Let's suppose you get an order for ten widgets - MRP Manager will automatically calculate the parts needed, and generate the purchase orders. No delays and no falling behind schedule. This is because the software intelligently keeps track of inventory on hand vs. inventory needed, and keeps levels where they need to be. You won't run out of supplies, or have too much money tied up in inventory.

MRP Manager also keeps track of your progress and history. It will create detailed reports, save your order history, and give you a complete picture of everything.

Bottom line: You'll run leaner, with less money spent on unnecessary inventory.

It's simple to use, and fits your exact business model

MRP Manager is specially designed for small and medium sized manufacturing businesses. We consider every detail and every bottle-neck that businesses like yours face, and built in the best possible solution for each nuance.

Let's give a few more exapmles: For instance, MPR Manager has a flexible taxes setup. This means you can embody any taxing scheme pertinent to your business.

There's also multi-level component management. In other words, the system takes the burden of making hundreds of purchase and work orders from you. It does not matter how complex your products are - MRP Manager will make sure all components and prebuilds are ready to go. You'll also have your production capabilities always at full load by coordinating all of your production resources, work centresm, and materials. Nobody stands around waiting for a shipment of parts.

It can also be company-wide. MRP Manager works in real time across your organization with minimum effort. A client-server ideology ensures that any person entering orders or updating inventory from any workstation will always be working with the most recent data.

Bottom line: Everyone is on the same page, no matter your industry, products, parts, or anything else. Higher efficiency leads to a stronger ROI.

Responsive Technical Support

But ok - suppose you DO need support. We're here for you. Just contact us, and our technical specialists will analyze the problem you are facing, and will solve your problem. We are also open to any kind of suggestions and feedback, as well - we want the software to do everything you want it to do. If there's a feature you'd like to see, tell us. Your opinion is very valuable in the further development and improvement of the program.

Bottom line: We are here for you.