simple manufacturing software

A complete small business MRP System that also gives you a clear Birds-Eye view of your entire operation

MRP Manager a feature-rich, cost-effective MRP system specifically designed for small and medium sized manufacturers across all industries. If that's you, and you're looking for MRP software that's as powerful as enterprise-level systems, but is also budget-friendly and simple to use, then we're exactly what you want.

MRP Manager does what you expect - it runs everything in your manufacturing operation, from purchasing hundreds of materials to final product to shipping and invoicing. But it also does something that you may NOT expect, such as:

  • Increasing Your Efficiency - MRP Manager is elegant in design, and easy to use. It gives you clear, usable information, which leads to a leaner manufacturing production process and a more logical (and precise) supply-chain flow.

  • Helping You Plan More Effectively - From better forecasting to more efficient inventory management; you can likely reduce your materials on hand, while still easily meeting customer demand

  • Achieving Smoother Logistics - We've put a lot of thought into MRP Manager, and designed it so everyone will be able to use it effectively. So from the purchasing department to the shop floor, to the loading dock, to accounts receivable, everything will run better, because everyone will be on the same page, and have access to the right information

What are the Benefits?

How about a better bottom line? Because that's the ultimate goal, right? MRP Manager will make the manufacturing process easier and more transparent, which increases your profitability. Read more

Who Needs MRP Manager?

MRP Manager is ideal for small-to-medium-sized manufacturers who work with hundreds of parts, customers, and suppliers. It will work for custom manufacturers and engineering firms. Read more

Your Business - Your Way

We'll conform to you, not the other way around. MRP Manager system is fully scalable, and can fit into your unique processes and procedures. The hole and the peg will fit perfectly - every time. Read more